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Project Description
SmushMySite is an image optimization tool that takes advantage of the Yahoo™ service. It is a quick and easy way to optimize all images on webpage, or all images on your site. It is developed in C# 4 and WPF.

It allows you to link to a URL or website sitemap, which then processes all the images on the page and copies the optimized images to an output directory. It has been written using WPF and C# 4, and you might be prompted to install .NET Framework 4 when installing the tool.

Latest Update

  • Support for CSS images
  • Update with Silverlight Jetpack Theme
  • Better validation for URL's and Extensions
  • Now handles images - <input type="image" />
  • Better checks for duplicate images

If you come across any issues with this tool, or have any advice on how to improve it / suggestions - please contact me and let me know Please be sure to include the URL that you were running the tool against.

Additional Information

For more information please go to:

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